Chris Paul and the ruination of the Houston Rockets

The Point God put the Rockets on ice in Game 6, and can toss Houston into instant turmoil with one more win for the Thunder.

Good morning. Let’s basketball.

Let’s start off by noting that in many ways the Houston Rockets are already in turmoil, and as soon as their season ends, whenever it ends, upheaval is expected. Mike D’Antoni (and his agent) had a public spat with the franchise last summer over a contract extension; there are rumors the Indiana Pacers fired Nate McMillan in preparation of giving D’Antoni the bag once the Rockets officially cut him loose.

But coaching changes are not rare in the NBA, especially for teams considered potential title contenders who lose in the first round. If the Rockets really lose to the Thunder — OKC forced a Game 7 with an ice cold Chris Paul performance late — after making the Russell Westbrook trade, the tumult will go much wider.

Daryl Morey notably did not receive much vocal support from his boss Tilman Fertitta amid the Hong Kong tweet imbroglio. Morey inked a long, lucrative extension about 18 months ago, and Fertitta is broke. But if the Rockets lose to the team that Morey traded CP3 to with draft assets for Westbrook, all bets are off. With Donald Sterling gone, Fertitta is definitely the NBA franchise owner most likely to try to fire his high-profile general manager for cause to save some money. (James Dolan just pays them to go away. I’m not sure Fertitta can afford to do that.)

It’s difficult to overstate how painful a loss to CP3 and the Thunder would be for James Harden, for Westbrook, for Morey, for the Rockets. To recap, CP3 and Harden did not get along all that well, and given that Morey had given CP3 an enormous contract at age 33 the summer after the Rockets took the peak Warriors to seven games, Houston was going to need to take back an onerous contract to move the Point God. Westbrook had an onerous contract and a close relationship to Harden; really, it was a natural fit. But OKC’s Sam Presti played hardball (CP3’s contract looked worse at the time due to age and injuries) and extracted these assets in the deal: a 2021 pick swap option, a 2024 first round pick, a 2025 pick swap option and a 2026 first round pick. These are all protected only in the top four.

If you make a trade like that, dealing four future assets for a contract that’s a year longer … and you immediately get eliminated in the first round by the team you made the deal with … that’s a bad, bad situation, folks. And as CP3 showed us in the final four minutes of Monday’s Game 6, it’s totally plausible.

As Houston picked up an advantage and the lead midway through the fourth quarter, CP3 picked up a technical foul with 4:19 left. The Harden make made the score 98-92 Houston, Rockets with the ball. The Rockets should put the game from there. But then CP3 hit back to back threes in Robert Covington’s eye while Westbrook melted down with two ugly turnovers and an airballed 20-footer on the other. CP3 picked up a steal on one of the Westbrook TOs and another on a busted Harden play. CP3 also drew a foul on Covington moving to the hoop, and hit the go-ahead free throws.

Outside of a buzzer beating game winner, you can’t draw up a worse scenario for Houston: the dude they traded outplayed everyone while the dude they traded for melted.

Now Westbrook is coming back from injury and looks a little rusty. But part of the rationale Houston offered for making the deal with all those sweeteners was that CP3 is more often injured. Yet here is 35-year-old Chris Paul, fit and victorious.

And, for the record, CP3 is also not passing up an opportunity to rub a little bit of cayenne pepper in the wound.

Houston is a high variance team, which helps you as an underdog but represents enormous danger as a favorite. Nothing is ever really off the table on a game-to-game basis for the Rockets. This week, that means potentially losing a Game 7 to Chris Paul. Yikes.




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Rockets 100, Thunder 104 (Series tied 3-3)


Here’s the Tuesday schedule, including the two greatest words in the English language: GAME SEVEN. All times Eastern.

Celtics vs. Raptors, Game 2, 5:30 p.m., ESPN (BOS leads 1-0)
Sun vs. Liberty, 7 p.m., CBS Sports Network
Fever vs. Dream, 8 p.m., Facebook
Jazz vs. Nuggets, GAME 7, 8:30 p.m., ABC (Series tied 3-3, duh)
Mercury vs. Aces, 10 p.m., Facebook


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