One spot left. It will be narrowed to two teams on Thursday over the course of four games. Drama.
Good morning. Let’s basketball. Bain à la Grenouillère, Claude Monet Since missing those two free throws against the Clippers last weekend and getting …
The Nuggets, Jazz, Mavericks and Thunder all played Monday. None seemed interested in winning to improve their seeding.
Phoenix is 5-0, outlasted the Pelicans and Kings and still might make the playoffs. Salute.
Just because this season's weird doesn't mean the end of the regular season is any more important for teams with nothing to play for.
0-4 in the bubble and hearing the footsteps.
It might be tricky and less awesome to add it in normal NBA seasons, but the league should try.
The Brow is on the short list of players who could be the best in the league through the 60-day postseason.
The Spurs have taken the No. 9 spot and just beat the Grizzlies once. GULP.
New Orleans can't afford to lose but blew a big lead and a chance to beat Utah with Zion Williamson on the bench for some strange reason.
The league is reportedly overlooking abuse of teenagers at facilities with its name on it. That's inexcusable anywhere on the planet.
The uncertainty is maybe not so uncertain, or our brains just can't process all the variables.