Substantial change is next.
Memphis vs. Oklahoma City; December 2, 2021.
The NBA slaps the Bulls and Heat on the wrist of the clearly shady early deals involving Lonzo Ball and Kyle Lowry. Tampering will continue unabated.
The NBA just may revolve around the Suns.
Kemba Walker gets dropped from the rotation 22 games into his 2-year contract. Yet New York is only two games out of No. 2 in the East.
Toronto could really use Jakob Poeltl right now.
Fight for freedom, liberty and the pursuit of poster dunks.
We have five teams at or below .250. A couple of them didn't expect to be here. What now?
Some wear sweaters knit from all the wool from all the sheep in entire shires of Scotland.
It turns out that Isaiah Stewart would prefer that you not punch him in the mouth.
Plus: Steph is a marvel.
Sussing out the keeper of the hottest seat in the NBA.